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PBS Kids!

The PBS Kids! Site, chock-full of fun stuff to do and find out about, could take days or even weeks to explore. PBS has linked more than 15 individual educational sites to the PBS Kids! home page! The combination of all the different sites makes for a barrel of fun for kids!

The site includes plenty of brightly colored backgrounds and goofy images from the PBS TV series.

The main page is the gateway into the individual sites. The easiest way to get back to this page is to bookmark it. Each individual site has its own organization, which is generally easy to navigate. Many are fairly high tech and require newer Java-enabled browsers and plug-ins such as Shockwave or RealPlayer.

Parents will love PBS Kids! It's full of high-interest, safe sites for children. Kids can return repeatedly and still find new places to explore. The individual sites are based on PBS children's television programs and are full of familiar characters. Targeted at a variety of grade levels, many of the sites are appropriate for a wide range; others, such as Sesame Street (PreK-K) or WayBack (2-6), are intended for a narrower audience. Several of the sites also have navigational help sections to assist parents in guiding their young children around the site. PBS is known for its high-quality education programming, and this Web site maintains the standard. Have fun!