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S I T E     R E V I E W

Funology.com -- The Science of Having Fun
Written By: Hazel Jobe

Funology.com delivers just what the name implies -- FUN! The site offers a large selection of activities for kids and promises to be the "one place where you'll never be bored!"

Brightly colored graphics and animations are sure to keep youngsters entertained. A new arrangement of activities and graphics pops up each time a user visits.

This site is easy to navigate. All pages display a navigation bar on the left, which has links to each section of the site.

Have your students ever wondered where sheep get their hair cut or how to make an ice-cream sandwich? Funology.com has the answer. This site offers suggestions for activities that can be done on and off the computer. Kids can have so much fun, they won't even realize they are learning. Youngsters can put their brains to the test -- learn funky facts, solve brainteasers, take a quiz, or visit the laboratory and whip up a ball of ooze. Tummy Ticklers keep kids laughing and recipes from In the Kitchen satisfy their hungries. The Boredom Busters section brims with crafts and games to entertain. If all those features aren't enough, the Abracadabra section explores the world of magic. Parents and teachers won't ever have to listen to "I'm bored!" again.