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College Prep

The World Wide Web offers students, parents, and educators tools for comparing colleges and for choosing the right college. Online applications also are provided. Additional information includes tips for applying for financial aid and scholarships, campus safety suggestions, college prep resources, entrance exam study guides, and much more. Included: Ten sites to help students' prepare for college.

The period of time between deciding which colleges to apply to and attending that first college lecture can be frustrating and overwhelming for both students and parents. The resources below should help ease some of the anxiety, however. At these sites, parents and students will find the help they need for all aspects of college planning -- from choosing the right college to campus safety. Visitors will find information about individual colleges that can be used to compare colleges, applications for admission, scholarship information and applications, SAT preparation guides, applications for financial aid, and much more.

College Board
In addition to College Board preparation and information, this SAT site offers a wealth of resources for students, parents, and teachers about thousands of colleges across the country. Included are admission criteria and statistics, as well as information on planning for -- and paying for -- college. Students can search for schools by name, or they can complete an online form to find schools that meet their specific criteria.

College Net
This easy-to-use site offers a valuable search engine for finding information on various colleges and institutions. Visitors can search for colleges by region, sport, major, and tuition, and then access the schools' homepages from the hotlinks included in the search page. Included are online applications for admissions, financial aid, and scholarships.

Mapping Your Future
Mapping Your Future is a public service, nonprofit Web site providing career, college, financial aid, and financial literacy information and services to students, families, and schools. The site offers tips on choosing a career, what to look for when choosing a school, and ten steps to take when planning to pay for an education. Included are sections for middle/high school students, parents, and student-loan recipients, as well as new information on distance learning and adult students.

Next Step Magazine
Next Step Magazine features articles on all aspects of life after college, including college planning, career exploration, and life skills. Articles are updated monthly and archived for continued accessibility. Teens will find information on careers, as well as a list of universities and colleges that accept online applications. The site also offers College Match, a tool that matches students with colleges that meet their criteria.

College Is Possible
Established by the Coalition of America's Colleges and Universities, College Is Possible was developed to motivate middle and high school students from underserved communities to consider a college education, and to address the concerns of poor families attempting to send kids to college. The site offers information on financial resources for parents, recommended middle and high school courses for students, and college selection resources. Much of the site also is available in Spanish.


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