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S I T E     R E V I E W

Mapping Your Future

This site provides information that will help students understand their options for higher education and career opportunities. Guided Tours are available for various categories of students.

This visually appealing, informative, and interesting Web site is dedicated to helping students plan for the future.

The site uses an image map to guide visitors through its pages. It is very well organized, and users can easily find what they are looking for.

Mapping Your Future is the place to go if you're feeling overwhelmed with the choices of career, college, and financial aid. This site offers tips on choosing a career, what to look for when choosing a school, and ten steps you should take in planning to pay for your education. A timeline gives the steps that should be taken at each grade level, beginning in middle school, to ensure that you will be ready to move on to higher education. There are also sections for college students, parents, and student-loan recipients. In addition to information, the site offers online Loan Counseling services to help borrowers understand their rights and obligations when they receive student loans. National and regional interactive chat events "provide a unique opportunity to receive advice on college admissions and financial aid processes."