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Sites to See: Zoology Resources

Zoology sites provide information and resources pertaining to the study of animals. Resources include photographs, video clips, multimedia activities, essays, lesson plans, games, quizzes, and puzzles. Included: A dozen sites to enhance a study of animals.

The field of zoology deals with a broad range of taxonomic groups, ranging from microbes to hippos. Zoology Web sites about those many animals are useful, not only for students doing projects and writing reports, but also for teachers looking for materials and lesson plans to supplement the curriculum.

The Bugscope project offers teachers and students the opportunity to control, using their classroom Web browsers, an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope. Teachers who are interested in participating in the project must fill out the application form, which can be accessed from the main page. The site is available to all K-12 teachers, but might be too advanced for K-2 classrooms.

Hippo Beach
This online adventure includes photographs, video clips, multimedia activities, essays, and lesson plans. The interdisciplinary lesson plan for grades 3-5 guides students in researching and creating presentations on hippos. The lessons are aligned with national content standards for science and language arts, and include a teacher's guide, graphic organizers, and related resources.

The Orkin Insect Zoo
This creepy-crawly site features interdisciplinary lessons, work sheets, QuickTime movies, and all the information you would ever need to know about arthropods. The teacher resource section is filled with activities that adhere to national standards and will keep a classroom involved for weeks working with live insects, writing, experimenting, discovering, and "pollinating the mind."

Butterflies 2000: On the Wings of Freedom
Butterflies 2000 is a comprehensive site offering information about the butterfly body, detailed photos taken with a scanning electron microscope, a trick film, information about metamorphosis, games and puzzles, a quiz, art projects, and an opportunity for students to share their butterfly stories and poems. Included is information on keeping butterflies at school and relationships between butterflies and humans.

The Shape of Life
The Shape of Life is the Web site designed to accompany the PBS television series that "tells the story of the great diversity of animal life on Earth." Each of the show's eight episodes deals with one aspect of the evolution of animal life -- from finding the first animal to how humans fit into the shape of life. The site includes an activity guide and information about the animals, including photos, grouped according to phyla.


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