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S I T E     R E V I E W

Butterflies 2000: On the Wings of Freedom

This is a comprehensive site about butterflies created by an international team of three students for the ThinkQuest competition.

Written in English, German, and Chinese, this site has a consistent, appealing layout with informative graphics, photos, and videos.

Before entering the site, users are given options of language, enabling JavaScript, and turning chapter menus on or off. A site map and index bars at the top and bottom of each page for the whole site and individual sections make navigating easy.

Anyone interested in these beautiful creatures will find almost everything at Butterflies 2000. Butterflies for Kids offers information about the butterfly body, detailed photos taken with a scanning electron microscope, a trick film, information about metamorphosis, games and puzzles, a quiz, art projects, and an opportunity for students to share their butterfly stories and poems. Other areas of the site include information on where to find butterflies in arts and literature, butterfly gardening, endangerment and conservation, keeping butterflies at school, and much more.