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Ever looked at a bug up close? I mean really close? The Bugscope project offers an outstanding opportunity to use the Internet to control an electron microscope from your classroom, resulting in some truly phenomenal views of bugs!

The nice layout and design include plenty of bug images from previous classes' projects.

A navigation bar is available at the top of each page. Click on the logo to return to the home page.

Bugscope is a new educational outreach project of the World Wide Laboratory, which provides access to a scanning electron microscope for K-12 classrooms via the internet. Participating classrooms will have the opportunity to use an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope located at the Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to create images of insects at high magnification. Students and teachers control the microscope using Web browsers from their classroom computers. Teachers who are interested in participating in the project must fill out the application form, accessed from the main page. Summer sessions are also available and groups such as 4-H and Scouts are encouraged to apply. The site is available to all K-12 teachers but may be advanced for K-2 classrooms. Your kids will "go buggy" with this great site!

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