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Extensive site from the National Wildlife Federation!
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Advanced

Among many other resources, this Web site offers an extensive listing of field guides for animals, flowers, and plants.
This site has a bright, engaging design. The nature photographs are particularly impressive.
Navigation through this site is made easy with a top navigation bar with drop-down menus. More links are displayed on the home page, and a search tool is available.
An excellent resource for students and teachers, eNature offers extensive information on wildlife, birding, and habitats. Visitors can ask questions and receive answers from experts. They can also access field guides (information about a wide variety of species), zip guides (zip-code-based information about local wildlife), park guides (information about America's national parks), quizzes, screen savers, and more. The site also offers subscription to a free nature newsletter. This wildlife site provides a great deal of knowledge and ideas for anyone who is interested in the outdoors!

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