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Online Reference Materials

Web sites that contain online reference materials help organize the wealth of information available on the Internet; creating searchable databases that make finding what you're looking for a simple task. Today, Hazel Jobe helps you locate some of the best resources for online reference materials by providing a fresh look at some previously reviewed Web sites and a quick look at some promising sites that have yet to be reviewed. Included: Five A+ Web sites that provide information resources for students and teachers.

Traditionally, students searched for information in brick and mortar libraries; in today's technological age, however, more and more students -- and teachers -- conduct much of their research online. The Internet provides a wealth of reference materials that is available 24 hours a day. Whether your students are looking for help with a homework assignment or writing a research paper, the following resources from Education World's Site Reviews Archive will help get them started. Great Books Online provides free Web access to a comprehensive collection of quotations, literature, reference, and verse -- including both out-of-copyright works and current reference materials. The site's plethora of material can be used by kids of all ages, for writing reports and conducting in-depth research.

This "site for life-long learners of all ages" is designed to help connect Internet resources with curriculum areas and to provide resources for teachers trying to integrate technology into the curriculum. The site includes suggestions for incorporating multimedia into classroom activities, ideas for projects, information about nature, and more!

Fact Monster
This kids' site from combines homework help with fun facts, quizzes, and trivia. The information rich site offers useful information on frequently assigned topics, as well as the opportunity to submit questions to an Infoplease editor. Other features include Analogy of the Day, Today in History, and Spelling Bee.

Making of America
This extensive digital collection of primary source materials includes books and journal articles related to the period in U. S. history from immediately after the Civil War through Reconstruction. Available in scanned versions of original texts or uncorrected plain text versions, the documents trace U.S. social history from 1850-1877.

Merriam-Webster Online
Merriam-Webster provides this useful resource, which contains a variety of materials for all grade levels. A dictionary and thesaurus, word games, language histories, and more will entice students in grades 6-12 to the main section of the site, while the Word Central sub-site offers elementary age kids a variety of activities for exploring words.


For even more great sites for online reference materials, visit the Reference area of Education World's Site Reviews Archives.




For even more great sites for online reference materials, visit the Reference area of Education World's Site Reviews Archives.