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EduScapes -- A Site for Lifelong Learners
Resources and strategies for linking the Net to learning.
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 Professional

EduScapes offers a wealth of resources for teachers, parents, students, and, according to the site itself, "life-long learners of all ages." The site is designed to help connect Internet resources with all curriculum areas and to provide resources for teachers trying to integrate technology into their curriculum.
EduScapes pages vary depending on what area you are accessing. Overall, however, the pages are clear, user-friendly, and pleasant to visit. Text is readable and graphics are appropriate. The color schemes are bright, but not glaring.
The EduScapes site includes several separate sections. These sections can be accessed via graphic links on the homepage.

EduScapes was designed by a husband and wife team of educators who wanted to "share a love of learning with others." The site includes various sections, each addressing a different curriculum area or need. The 42eXplore section features information and ideas for lesson plans, learning activities, and vocabulary definitions. Teacher Tap provides teachers with practical, online resources and ideas for hands-on activities for professional development. A section focused on language arts is called Literature Learning Ladders. This section offers resources about award-winning and popular books, ideas for themes and literature circles, and links to help you create your own "literature ladder." This site also includes many other resources, such as ideas for using multimedia materials, a distance learning workshop, information about nature, and more. This comprehensive technology resource has something for everyone!


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