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Sites to See:
General History

General history sites offer a wealth of resources for everyone from historical researchers to schoolchildren. Included are graphics, timelines, maps, primary documents, video, audio clips, lesson plans, interactive activities, and more. Included: Seventeen history sites for students and educators.

The World Wide Web provides educators with nearly unlimited resources to supplement their history curriculum, including lesson plans, curriculum guides, interactive activities, eyewitness accounts, biographies, maps, timelines, and much more. In addition to the resources available to educators, students will find tools, tips, and information for research papers, as well as general homework help.

The Wise Guide
The Wise Guide is a portal that makes the vast resources of the Library of Congress a little easier to navigate. Each month, a new selection of resources, including photographs, films, audio recordings, maps, manuscripts, music, and books from federal government sponsored sites, is featured.

History Net
HistoryNet offers a broad collection of articles from leading writers and historians reprinted from past issues of such magazines as "American History" and "British Heritage." Articles are arranged into categories covering eyewitness accounts, great battles, and more. The archive is updated weekly to showcase the most recent additions to the site, which coincide with the most recent issues of the featured magazines.

Conversations with History
Conversations with History is a series of unedited interviews in which distinguished men and women from around the world talk about their lives and work, providing insights into the forces that shaped them. Guests include diplomats, government leaders, soldiers, economists, political analysts, scientists, historians, authors, foreign correspondents, activists, and artists.

History Detectives
History Detectives teaches students about the techniques they can use to conduct their own historical investigations. Standards-based lesson plans, available for middle- and high-school students, teach about the sleuthing techniques that can be applied to historical mysteries, including ballistics, weapon dating, document examination, paper analysis and more.

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Web site for the U.S. Holocaust Museum is a rich source of Holocaust-related materials for both teachers and students. Resources include a teaching guide, chronology, personal histories, lessons, and online learning activities. The Learning Center for middle- and high-school students organizes content by theme, and includes text, historical photographs, maps, images of artifacts, and audio clips, as well as interactive activities.


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