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History Net

The HistoryNet is sponsored by the History Group of Cowles Enthusiast Media and the National Historical Society. The Web site has an archive of past articles from the magazines published by Cowles as well as a daily quiz and information on what happened in history on this date.

The Web site uses a magazine-like format for its cover page and subsequent articles. The site uses thumbnail photos to highlight some articles and sections.

Users can easily locate the different sections of site from the menu buttons and hyperlinks. Within most sections is an additional navigational menu.

The main feature of the HistoryNet is the archive, which has over 300 articles from past issues of history magazines such as "American History", "British Heritage", "Vietnam" and "Women's History". The articles are divided into categories covering eyewitness accounts, great battles and others. The archive is updated weekly so the number of articles found at the site will grow quickly. Articles are also cross-referenced and can be found from the index or via the search engine. By choosing a topic from the index, users will see a brief introduction to the article and have the option of reading the full text online. In addition to archived material, the site also updates its selected features weekly. These showcase the most recent additions to the site and coincide with the most recent issues of the magazines featured at the site. Other features of the site are a quiz; a coming attractions section; an online forum for discussions; an events & exhibits guide as well as a place to subscribe to the site's mailing list. This is a great resource for history teachers. It could also supplement current events and social studies classes.