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Sports and Fitness

Sports and Fitness sites provide resources for coaches and physical education teachers, as well as for students, parents, and other adults. The sites include lesson plans, information on health and fitness, tips for playing sports safely, and answers to student questions about health and fitness. Included: Five great resources for anyone interested in physical fitness and sports.

In recent years, physical fitness has become an important issue for students and adults alike. Educators and parents are particularly interested in reversing the downward trend in physical activity among their children. Sports and Fitness sites, such as those below, can offer parents, teachers, and students the latest information on fitness, health, and nutrition, as well as lesson plans and activities designed to promote a healthy lifestyle.

BAM! Body and Mind
This site, from the Center for Disease Control, offers information and answers to kids' questions about health and safety, as well as activities that can be used to supplement your curriculum. The Fit-4-Life section includes Motion Commotion, activities and articles about exercise, and U R What U Eat, which deals with proper nutrition. The Teacher's Corner contains pre-assessments, lesson plans, and activity guides.

P.E. Central
Arguably the biggest and best known resource for physical education teachers, PE Central includes such resources as lesson plans, quizzes, professional information, a job center, related links, and much more. The Best Practices Program provides a way for physical educators to share quality practices. The Log It section allows visitors to record their physical activity and compare their progress. Special sections also are provided for adaptive and preschool physical education. This is definitely the first site you'll want to see.

PE Links 4U, another extensive and valuable site, is a bi-monthly online magazine designed to give teachers the latest information on fitness, health, and nutrition. It offers resources for elementary and secondary physical fitness programs, adaptive PE and interdisciplinary activities, technology and PE, and more. The site also provides coaching and sports resources, and information on health, fitness, and nutrition. Keep up with additions and changes by subscribing PE News, the site's weekly e-mailed newsletter.

Sports and Nutrition: The Winning Connection
The University of Illinois Extension Service maintains this site, which explores the relationship between sports and exercise and a nutritional diet. Included are recommended training table diets, questions asked by other young athletes, tips for eating right, a planner for making wise food choices and more.


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    Updated 4/23/2012