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GRADE LEVEL: Professionals

PE Links 4U is a bi-monthly online magazine designed to give teachers the latest information on fitness, health, and nutrition.
The site is laid out in tables and has a typical newsletter look. The large amount of text on the page is broken up with color.
The top navigation bar provides access to the various areas of the site. A pull-down menu of PE-related resources and an onsite search tool are also available.
Keep up-to-date on the latest news in physical education at PE Links 4U. Major sections of the site include Elementary PE, Secondary PE, Adapted PE, Coaching, Health Fitness and Nutrition, Interdisciplinary PE, and Technology in PE. Users will find fun things to do with bored kids, downloadable resources, interdisciplinary lesson plans, ideas for using the Web in PE and more. Articles, written and submitted by teachers, include such topics as obesity, school lunches, new ways to look at basic skills, and stress in children. All previous editions of the magazine are archived, and an onsite search tool helps users find information quickly. Included is a PE Forum, with a variety of topics for getting help from fellow teachers or just discussing concerns, and a bimonthly e-mail newsletter.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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