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PE Central

Online resources for educators of physical education.


Bright, colorful, good use of space.


Easy to identify sections and links.


PE Central is designed for physical education teachers and students as well as interested parents and adults. The site has Classroom Concept Ideas, Assessment Ideas, PE Lesson Ideas, Health Lesson Ideas, Activity of the Week, Kids Quotes of the Week, Wellness Tips of the Week, Professional Information, Conference Information, PE Resources on the Web and information for Equipment Purchasing.

The organization and topics presented in the site provide a base for users interested in physical education to get together. The site promotes participation from its viewers, and that feeling carries through the site. The professional development area provides information on New Job Announcements, Conference Information, State and National PE Associations and Important Online PE Documents which allow the user to keep up with happenings in the PE field.

All the lesson plans and activities sections allow educators to share ideas with one another to make their job easier, and the site also has a mailing list which further allows users to communicate with each other. Finally, the site has online forms for submitting ideas to the site making it very easy to contribute. Anyone involved or interested in the physical education field should definitely look over the site.