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Interactive Web Sites

Interactive Websites are entertaining as well as educational, giving students and teachers an alternative to paper and pencil tasks. Interactive sites -- including games, stories, simulations, virtual labs, and more -- are available for a variety of age levels in most major subject areas. Included: Five interactive sites for students in grades pre-K-12.

Add a little spice to your classroom by introducing interactive Web sites into the daily routine. Interactive sites, as educational as they are entertaining, will keep students engaged for hours. Whether you're looking for ways to encourage practicing basic skills or to extend knowledge through learning simulations, these sites will provide an exciting addition to your bag of tricks.

ALFY: The Web Portal for Kids
ALFY is a dynamic environment that offers kids stimulating activities that develop literacy and numerical and reasoning skills. Children can practice their ABCs or 123s, listen to interactive stories, play a musical instrument, and much more. The site includes a Teach, Learn and Communicate Center for Teachers, with activities and lesson plans grouped by theme.

2020 Green
This interactive Web curriculum teaches middle and high school students important lessons about finance. The nine lessons focus on such real-life situations as writing a resume, determining income tax deductions, filing tax forms, and using a checking account. An online workbook, planners, and a resource section are also provided.

Biointeractive offers students click-and-learn biology lessons illustrated with animations; virtual labs that allow student scientists to explore a human heart, identify deadly pathogens, dissect a leech, and diagnose disease; and a virtual museum to help students learn more about vital signs, hearing and seeing, and biological clocks.

Creating Music
This online creative music environment allows students to explore musical composition and performance. As easily as they finger-paint, children can "draw" musical compositions and listen to their own creations, manipulate the tempo of classical music, rearrange melodies to solve musical puzzles, and experiment with performing music by movement gesture. The World of Math Online
Here, students can find homework help and study tips, as well as sample lessons and problems, quizzes, interactive games, and a host of calculators and other math tools. For teachers, the site offers a variety of classroom resources, an algebra work sheet generator, and interactive applets that generate printable graphs.


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