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November 2002

Paintings collected by European Museums: Gorgeous site on great art, with extra resources for grades 1-8!
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Advanced

Impressionism: Paintings collected by European Museums explores the major themes of the painting technique and offers lesson plans and classroom resources for the 1-8 teacher.
The site has a simple layout and of course uses beautiful photos of impressionist paintings.
There are two sections of the site: Teach Impressionism and Experience Impressionism. Links are located on the main page and internal pages are linked back to the home page. You can both download and browse the lesson plans.
Art teachers, students, or art enthusiasts will enjoy this site. To help bring this great art to younger students, there are nine lesson plans geared to grades 1-8. The interdisciplinary plans introduce the major themes of the Impressionism movement. Plans are available in several file formats for download and can also be read online and printed. Included are transparencies that can be browsed or printed, a glossary, and a bibliography. The guided tour leads visitors on a fun trip through France to learn about the impressionists and their work.

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