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Life Skills

"Life skills" refer to the information and behaviors that enable people to lead healthy, happy, and successful lives. Life skills Web sites include information and resources on increasing self-esteem, effective communication, responsible citizenship, decision-making, problem solving and peer pressure. Included: Fifteen sites to help young people develop the skills they'll need to make the right life choices.

In today's world, young people face many challenges, including illegal drugs, random violence, bullying, and discrimination. Teachers, parents, and others who work with young people have a responsibility to help them learn the skills and behaviors that will lead to healthy choices and productive lives. The Internet offers valuable information and resources -- including lesson plans, interactive activities, and research -- for teachers and parents who are responsible for teaching life skills, and for helping young people understand themselves and their potential.
This site offers valuable free resources to help young people grow both emotionally and morally. Resources include K-12 lesson plans, a how-to guide to service learning, essays on using the Socratic method, and topics for productive ethical discussions with children. Teaching guides are grouped by elementary, middle, and high school, and offer discussion questions, writing assignments, and student activities teachers can use to create their own lesson plans.

Out on a Limb: A Guide to Getting Along
Out On a Limb offers online exercises for dealing with conflict resolution, including such situations as unfriendly remarks from friends, sibling problems, and angry feelings. The site stresses the importance of listening to others and communicating your feelings, and presents situations designed to allow students to explore their choices. The teachers guide offers lesson plans and activities to supplement and enhance the online resources.

Web Pop Online Books
Web-Pop Books offers a variety of interactive and printable storybooks designed to teach basic human values to young elementary students. Topics include sharing, consideration of the elderly, literacy, doing chores, selfishness, and more. Students can read the stories themselves or follow along as the author narrates. The download section allows users to download and print the stories for their own personal library.

What Kids Can Do
What Kids Can Do highlights examples of students working with teachers and community members on real-life issues that concern them. Included are detailed accounts of youths working to improve their own communities, audio clips, news stories, photo galleries, curriculum guides, oral histories gleaned from student interviews, graduation speeches, articles, publications and more.


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Updated 12/12/2011