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Out On a Limb -- A Guide to Getting Along
Conflict resolution for kids.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5

Out On a Limb: A Guide to Getting Along offers online exercises dealing with conflict resolution. The teachers' guide offers lesson plans and activities to supplement and enhance the online resources.
Attractive and appealing, the site has colorful animations and large, easy-to-read text. The teachers' guide is also easily read.
The Out On a Limb's teachers' guide is accessible from the homepage. This guide is divided into areas that are accessible by buttons on the bottom of each page. The student areas are easy to navigate, with arrows indicating how to move to the next screen. Text and graphic links to each exercise are available at the bottom of each student page.
This site is designed to help students -- elementary school students in particular -- with conflict resolution issues. Posing questions about how to deal with unfriendly remarks from friends, sibling problems, and angry feelings, the site stresses the importance of listening to others and communicating your feelings. For each exercise, users are given the option of of running away, fighting, or using the "Think and Share" choice; to promote healthy conflict resolution, the site lists many positive results that come from choosing the last option. Situations are developed to allow students to explore these choices and the many emotions involved. The teachers' guide has lesson plans, worksheets in .pdf format, and resource links to other conflict resolution organizations.

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