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The Alphabet

The Web offers kids, parents, and teachers resources from A to Z. Included: Thirty alphabet sites for teachers and students.

Finding ways to use technology in preschool through the primary grades can be difficult for busy teachers. The sites below offer opportunities to find teacher-tested alphabet-related classroom activities, games, and printables; to provide young children with fun ways to practice and extend their early literacy skills; and to integrate alphabet practice into other areas of the curriculum.

First Alphabet Preschool Activities and Crafts
Click a letter in this site's activity and lesson plan index to find lots of resources that will help you integrate the alphabet into your entire curriculum. Each letter's resources includes such printable materials as colored posters, coloring pages, and worksheets, as well as links to animal pages related to that letter, crafts, games, and much much more. In addition, printable mini books -- with and without text -- are provided for each letter. Most of the activities at this site are suitable for everyone; be aware, however, that this is a Christian site that also includes some religiously-oriented activities.

Letter and Alphabet Activities
This page from Enchanted Learning includes printable worksheets for creating a number of alphabet activities, including: a writing practice book, alphabet book, picture alphabet book, and a picture dictionary. In addition, letter printout pages each contain a capital and lower-case letter, four words that start with that letter, and pictures of those words to color. The site also includes word searches and activities for older children.

Mrs. Alphabet
Mrs. Alphabet (aka educator Anne Lynch) provides a number of excellent resources for both teachers and students. Click Classroom for alphabet games, worksheets, and poems for teachers; Just for Kids for alphabet games; or The Alphabet Team for hints for classroom games, including Alphabet Bingo, Musical Chairs, Scavenger Hunt, and more. When you're done exploring, sign up for Mrs. Alphabet's Newsletter for even more advice, activities, and games.

Virtual Alphabet
Click any letter on the Virtual Alphabet home page to visit that letter's page. Each letter page includes an illustration of an original letter character, a song -- original lyrics written to a familiar melody -- about that character, and a link to at least one Web site related to the character. The individual letter pages at this Minot (North Dakota) Public School site are simple enough for children just learning the alphabet; the links provide plenty of interesting resources for busy teachers.



Curriculum Integration

Other Alphabets of Interest


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