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Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is a strong predictor of a student's academic success! The sites below offer articles, information, research, action initiatives, and more for parents and teachers, as well as ideas about how educators can increase parent involvement in schools.

Parents play a vital role in the educational process. Research tells us that parental involvement is one of the most important predictors of a student's academic success. The sites below offer information, resources, and advice for parents who want to support their children's education and for educators who want to involve more parents in their children's education.

PreSchool Express
PreSchool Express is an online activity newsletter for parents and teachers of children ages 2-6. Eleven stations -- from the Calendar Station to the Holiday Station -- offer art activities, stories, songs, poetry, games, printouts, and more for young children. Three stations -- the Learning Station, Teacher Station, and Resource Station -- provide articles, information, planning help, and Web-based resources for parents and teachers.
Time2Act, a Web site designed to promote discussion -- and resolution -- of issues affecting children, offers original articles and other resources for parents and teachers. Included is a well organized and annotated collection of thousands of resource links grouped by topic, and an online school violence survey.

The Partnership for Reading
The Partnership for Reading provides research-based information on teaching reading to children, adolescents, and adults. Resources for parents include two new booklets about how to help their children in pre-K to grade three, become readers. Both booklets are available as free downloads.

The Digital Divide Network
The Digital Divide Network provides parents, educators, policymakers, and others with information about what the digital divide is, how communities can provide equitable access to technology, and how to gain information-technology skills. Parents can enter their zip code to find out what technology resources -- such as free Internet access or educational opportunities or training -- are available in their area.




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