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Preschool Express
"All aboard!" for a friendly site about preschool learning!
Grade Level: Pre-K

Preschool Express offers lesson plans and teaching resources, as well as activities that parents or grandparents can do with their children at home.
The site uses spacing and small, colorful graphics to keep the pages neat.
This site is easy to navigate. The content is organized into several "stations" that are listed in the left side menu. Each station has an index of activities.
Preschool Express has resources for parents, grandparents, teachers, or anyone who works with young children. The stations offer activities involving art, stories, music, games, and much more. For instance, the Calendar Station offers parents a calendar with activity ideas for each day of the month. The Discovery Station offers tons of engaging, hands-on activities, and the Skills Station covers such skills as listening, thinking, and writing. Parents will find articles on preschool learning that cover topics like active versus passive learning, fostering creativity, encouraging resposibility, and more. The Theme Station offers ideas and lesson plans for a wide variety of teaching themes.

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