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S I T E     R E V I E W
July 2000

GRADE LEVEL: Parent, Professional

Time2Act.org "is intended to encourage discussion among professionals in education, the justice system, parents, students and the community to stimulate new approaches to these issues nationwide and initiate reform."

This site resembles a newsletter format with photographs of kids as the focal point.

All areas of the site are linked with simple text links on the front page. Information is accessible and easily located.

This site is a resource for parents, students, and all professionals working with students. It includes a well-organized and annotated collection of resource links grouped by topic. Topics include Eating Disorders, Abuse & Violence, Child Advocacy, CyberSafety, Dating, Driving, Cliques/Cults/Gangs, Health & Nutrition, Minority Issues, Parenting, Teen Pregnancy, and much more. Original articles on the issues facing parents, students, and other community members are featured, and past articles are available in the archive. School safety is very much on people's minds these days, and Time2Act offers the Safe Schools Network, where concerned parents and community members can find information on keeping their schools safe.