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The Digital Divide Network
GRADE LEVEL: Advanced, Professional, Parents

The Digital Divide Network (DDN) tackles the growing gap between those who have access to technology and information skills and those who do not through a powerful knowledge network.

The site has an appealing, user-friendly layout with bright colors and few graphics.

The pages are divided into three sections: the left margin navigation menu, which is present on all pages; information, displayed in the main window; and related information in the right margin.

The gap between those who have access to technology and those who don't seems to be growing. The Digital Divide Network is trying to do something about it by providing a network for industry partners, private foundations, nonprofit organizations, and governments to share ideas and solutions for bridging the gap. The site is divided into seven major sections: The Network, The Digital Divide, Access, Economic Development, Content, Lifelong Learning, New Research, and Funding. Users will find all the information they need to understand what the digital divide is, ways the community can bring access to all, how to gain information-technology skills, and much more.