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Current Events

Current event Web sites keep users up to date on the top stories of the day, offer information that students might not be aware of, and provide teachers with instructional materials. The current events Web sites below are some of the best! Included: Five top-notch news Web sites for kids.

Current events discussions have long been a staple in many K-12 classrooms. Today's technology, however, brings new meaning to the term "current events," providing classrooms with almost instant access to the latest news and information. Written in a format that is both appealing and age-appropriate, current events Web sites for kids keep students informed about what's happening in the world, while providing teachers with instructional materials that help link those events to the curriculum. The online resources below are guaranteed to grab the attention of students and keep them interested in current events. helps keep students abreast of the news that is of interest to them. The site's teaching resources include lesson plans and tips for integrating current events across the curriculum. A video of the most current news show is available online; past stories are archived.

Time for Kids: Classroom
Time for Kids provides news articles appropriate for students at three different grade levels: K-1, 2-3 and 4-6. Each section of the site includes teachers' guides, quizzes and other reproducible resources; visitors also have the opportunity to react to articles about the news.

New Times Learning Network
The New York Times Learning Network's daily lesson plans help teachers integrate the day's top news stories into the classroom curriculum. The site also provides quizzes, discussion topics, links to related information for students, and much more. Parent Connections offer hints for using the daily lesson plans at home, educational product reviews, and a discussion list on important topics in the news.

Student News Net
Student News Net offers news and seasonal resources for both students and teachers, providing world news, U.S. news, sports, and special reports. News article are well written, informative, and age appropriate, and The Extra! Extra! section provides background information on holidays and related events.

Scholastic News and Features for Kids
Find reports on news events that are most relevant to students, as well as engaging activities to help students make sense of that news.



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Updated 08/06/2012