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New York Times Learning Network

The New York Times Learning Network provides an educational service for grade 6-12 teachers, students, and parents. The site has a set of daily lesson plans that help to integrate daily news articles into the classroom curriculum, as well as quizzes, links, features, and an On This Day section.

The site is set up to look like a newspaper. The lesson planning articles have illustrating images.

Each page has a comprehensive navigational sidebar at the left. The archive of previous lesson plans is cataloged by subject headings.

The NY Times Learning Network is a great resource for integrating newspapers and current events into the general classroom curriculum. The daily lesson plans cover a wide variety of subject areas that are appropriate to classrooms across the curriculum. The Student's section of the site has a News Summary, a daily News Quiz, and a monthly Crossword Puzzle. Also included in this section are the Student Voices and Ask a Reporter projects that involve student participation. The Teacher Connections section includes the daily lesson plans archive and a list of Internet resources. The Parents Connection section is particularly good for home-schooling parents. It includes helpful hints for using the daily lesson plan at home, educational product reviews, and a discussion list on important topics in the news. Everyone will enjoy the special features section that takes special topics and opens up the NY Times archives to explore them in depth. A great resource!