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Writing sites offer resources and information for students and teachers on teaching and learning the writing process. Additionally, users will find examples of good writing, and information on writing poetry, research papers, and essays. Included: Eighteen sites that offer students and teachers great resources for writing

Writing not only is a delightfully creative outlet, but it develops higher order thinking skills by requiring students to analyze, synthesize, evaluate and interpret. The skill is learned on an ongoing basis as students are given frequent practice. Because of the complexity of writing and the necessity of meeting the needs of all students, teachers need more than a just a few strategies to teach it well. Online writing sites provide excellent resources for teaching writing. Students and teachers will find powerful examples of good writing, tips and suggestions from well-known authors, lesson plans and models for teaching, the latest research, places to publish completed work, and many other tools and ideas.

Writing with Writers Have your students improve their writing skills as they learn from such notable authors as Jack Prelutsky and Virginia Hamilton. Writing With Authors provides all the materials and information necessary for K-8 teachers and students. The writing workshops explore a variety of genres and include examples, step-by-step instructions for writing, a teacher's guide, an author interview, and directions for publishing students' works.

Basic Steps in the Research Process
This site takes students step-by-step through the process of writing a research paper, providing tip sheets for each step. Each tip sheet also contains links to additional information to help clarify that step. Students can use the tip sheets to learn or review the entire process or to easily locate specific information for the step they need.

Giggle Poetry
Giggle Poetry is a fun resource for would-be young poets, featuring the poetry of Bruce Lansky and others. The poems are archived for students to simply enjoy reading or to use as examples. The teachers' section includes information on how to teach students to write poetry, with easy-to-follow instructions for writing limericks, nursery rhymes, and list poems; poetry that students can perform in class; and fun activities to involve students.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant explores the process approach to writing and covers each step in that process, from choosing a topic to organizing, revising, editing, and documenting sources. Each section provides activities to get users started, complete with instructions. Each of four different types of essays includes a section for exploration: informal, thesis/support, argumentative, and exploratory.




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