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May 1, 2000

The ABCs of the Writing Process

Created and maintained by teachers A. E. Lipkewich and R. S. Mazurenko of Westmount School in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, this site offers support for teachers and students through each step of the writing process.

Cute, cartoonish graphics add color to the simple design.

Each section of the site can be easily accessed from the main page or from the top menu on each of the internal pages.

Are you looking for tips and suggestions for teaching the writing process? This site provides an overview of each stage of the process. Users will find sources of inspiration, tips, and links to printable graphic organizers and prewriting strategies in the Prewriting section. The Writing section includes tips for writing a rough draft and moving from the prewriting stage to writing. Methods and tips for revising, an editing checklist, publishing tips and suggestions, and annotated links to curricular resources are included. The site also sponsors a Writing Process Club, where users can participate in a forum or chat with others to share their writing experiences.