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Best of '98 HeaderUpdated JUNE, 2007

Guide To Grammar and Writing

This Web site was created by a professor of English/Humanities for his English courses. Viewers will find information on grammar rules.

The site combines graphics, colored fonts, and an outline format to display the text for each "lesson." This makes for easy reading and comprehension of the material.

Viewers can locate information via the index or the Javascript pull-down menu. Other sections of the site, which are not listed in the index or on the menu, can be reached from the home page. Each information page has a navigation menu bar at the bottom with links to each major section of the site.

Professor Charles Darling of Capital Community-Technical College created this site for his English classes and to help the general public with grammar. The Web site has online "lessons" explaining various grammar rules and problems. Material is categorized in levels -- "Sentence Level," "Paragraph Level," and "Essay Level" -- each with subtopics covering specific grammatical concepts. The site includes online quizzes for most lessons (or the quizzes can be printed out for offline use). Logs of past questions and answers from the "Ask Grammar!" section are available at the site, or users can pose new questions. The site is a great resource for English and Language Arts teachers and students.