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Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
Paradigm is a free, interactive, online writing guide and handbook.
GRADE LEVEL: 6-12, Advanced

Paradigm, created by Professor Chuck Guilford of Boise State University in Idaho, is a free interactive online writing guide and handbook.
This well-designed site has few graphics but is still very attractive and user-friendly.
Links are provided in a top navigation bar and a left side navigation menu. There is also an on-site search tool.
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant is a useful writing guide for both novices and experienced writers. The guide explores a process-based approach to writing and covers each step (discovering, organizing, revising, editing, documenting, etc.). Each section includes activities to get users started, complete with instructions. The site also provides information and advice about writing different types of essays (informal essays, thesis essays, argumentative essays, exploratory essays, etc.). This site is a great resource for teachers or for students who need a little guidance while writing.

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