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Basic Steps in the Research Process
Straightforward and practical.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

Holly Samuels, Librarian, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School created this site. It provides help for students in the process of creating a research project.
This uncluttered site uses no graphics. Each of the pages has a similar layout with easily read text and straightforward navigation cues.
This research guide is well organized and very easily navigated. The menu at the left of the pages has general links that will help you navigate the site. Topics are linked within the twenty-three steps that are listed on the main page. All tip sheets have embedded links for further exploration.

High school students sometimes find the process of creating a research project stressful. This research guide should relieve some of the stress. It takes the student step by step through the process providing tip sheets for each step. Each tip sheet also contains links to additional information to help clarify that step. Students can use the tip sheets in order to learn or review the entire process or easily locate the specific information for the step that they need. Tip sheets include: Selecting a research topic; Listing keywords; Making source cards; Finding information within sources; Writing a statement of purpose; Brainstorming research questions; Writing a thesis statement; Making an outline; Citing sources; Writing an introduction and conclusion, etc.


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