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Education World has compiled some of the Web's many podcasting resources to help you get started with this exciting and doable technology. Included: How-to articles, lesson ideas, free and fee-based software download sites, and much more!

Podcasts -- audio recordings available online -- are relatively new to the K-12 classroom, and knowing just what you need to podcast and how to create a podcast can be challenging. So Education World has compiled the resources below to help you understand podcasting -- and introduce it to your students.


Okayyou sort of "get" what a podcast is, but you're scared to death of creating and publishing one yourself, much less with your students. Take a deep breath, then relax and try Podomatic, a free, cross-platform program. In two minutes (promise!) you can record and publish your very first podcast. Registration is free (as a teacher, you'll want to use just your account for your students as a safety precaution), and then, it's as easy as point and click! You don't need iTunes (podcasts can be listened to on Podomatic's site). You don't need any other software or even a Mac. You do need a microphone, but many laptops already have that installed. Podomatic not only makes creating, publishing, and listening to podcasts easy, it also offers PodAmigo (pushes daily podcasts to your mp3 player, iPod, or iTunes) and PodMail (where visitors can listen and respond to your podcast). For those who like non-platform specific tools, this is perfect -- and again free. Give yourself five minutes and try creating a podcast today with Podomatic.

Gary Stager's Podcasting Resources for Educators and Students
Gary Stager, a leading consultant and speaker in educational technology, has compiled links to his own podcasting resources and those of others. Gary's Quick Podcasting Tutorial is a short overview that will help those new to podcasting understand the basics. His "Build Your Own Podcasting Studio" is designed more for the intermediate or advanced user who wants to ensure high production quality of audio and video. Particularly helpful are the links for creating podcasts on PCs, a less common topic on many podcast pages. Included are more than two dozen links containing basic information about podcasting, its implications and relevance, and tips on working with digital media.

It's almost impossible to talk about podcasting without noting iTunes, a free download for both Mac and PC. iTunes organizes your music (from CDs or from mp3s or other formatted songs purchased online), and links you to the online Music Store from Apple. This is by far the largest repository for podcasts today. Once you've downloaded iTunes onto your computer, click Music Store in the left menu, and then click Podcasts beneath "Inside the Music Store." Here you'll find hundreds (thousands?) of podcasts, most of them free to subscribe to. You can even publish your own Podcast on iTunes!


  • Start Your Own Podcast A great introductory article for those new to podcasting.
  • An updated blog on the latest in podcasting (more higher education than K-12), as well as presentation materials on using podcasts in the classroom.
  • Understanding the Podcast Revolution Another basic overview for those new to podcasting
  • Wikipedia's Definition of Podcasting Due to its dynamic nature, Wikipedia is a great source for the latest in podcasting.
  • Podcast Maker One of the easiest software programs for creating and publishing podcasts (Mac only).
  • Conference recorder Fee-based software that allows you to record video using your iSight camera.
  • Podcaster Fee-based software for creating audio podcasts (Mac only)
  • Classcaster Used by a group of law schools, this simple podcasting tool allows educators to use hands-free cell phones to record a podcast and send it to the Classcaster system to be published. Not available for the general public, but a great idea that might be replicated by a district or school.
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Updated 04/30/2011