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General Health

General Health sites provide students and adults with information and activities designed to help them stay healthy, as well as with tips and strategies for understanding and coping with illness. Included are curriculum resources for teachers, useful facts and articles for parents, and games and activities for students. Included: Two dozen sites containing health related information and activities.

Parents, teachers, students -- in fact, anyone concerned about health issues -- will find the Internet to be an invaluable source of health-related information and activities. The sites below represent just a sampling of the many sites available on a variety of health related topics, including physical health, mental health, dental health, nutrition, and physical fitness.

Bandaids and Blackboards
The intent of this site is to sensitize children to what it's like to grow up with a medical problem. This site provides personal experiences submitted by children (some have their own Web page with photos) and games for viewers. The benefits of this page for children with medical conditions and their parents are obvious, but the site also is a great resource for educators dealing with student illness.

Body Wise
BodyWise is part of Girl Power, the "public education campaign sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to help encourage and motivate 9- to 13- year-old girls to make the most of their lives." The site offers girls clearly written, easy-to-read articles about such topics as body image, nutrition, physical fitness, and eating disorders. Also provided is the BodyWise Handbook containing resources designed specifically to help school personnel detect eating disorders and promote positive body image and healthy eating behaviors. The site also includes a section for girls dealing with chronic illness or disability.

Infection, Detection, Protection
Through the use of colorful text and interactive games, this engaging site from the American Museum of Natural History teaches about the causes of infection, and about how to detect and prevent infection. The site includes facts about infections, interactive games that teach about microbes and bacteria, tips on solving microbe mysteries, and more.

Red Gold: The Epic Story of Blood
Developed as a companion to the PBS series Red Gold: The Epic Story of Blood, this site is rich in content and interest, providing information about such topics as blood composition, circulation, typing, donations, and more. Visitors can take a multimedia journey that follows a pint of blood through the transfusion process, learn the basics about blood, and trace the history of blood through an interactive timeline. Middle- and high-school teachers also will find lesson plans and a 12-page discussion guide.

Simple Steps to Better Dental Health
The interactive tools, diagrams, videos, games, and animations at this comprehensive resource from the University of Pennsylvania Dental School make information about dental health accessible to visitors of all ages. Topics range from the most basic -- such as brushing and flossing -- to the sequence of gum disease and root canal treatment. The site includes sections specifically for seniors, parents, and children.


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