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A World of Prevention

A worldwide directory of information for helping children.

Yellow background with red text, a little difficult to look at for a long time.

Columns of links -- one link for each subject heading.

The directory is provided for "the prevention of youth problems and the promotion of nurturing children" and covers the following topics: abuse. education, prevention, accidents, families, recreation, adolescence, firearms, religious, alcohol, funding, resilience, alternative, gangs, restitution, attachment, health, safety, boot camps, high risk, service, community, home visiting, skills, crime, mediation, substance use, delinquency, mental illness, suicide, divorce, mentoring, supervision, drugs, parenting, violence, early child, peer influence and youth. If it relates to minors it's here. Most sections have at least five links and some have even more. The theme of the links varies from materials and documentation available to direct links to organizations for help. While the focus is on children and adolescents this page is really for adults that are in charge, concerned with or connected to them. There is a lot of information available here and is an invaluable reference source for parents, teachers, social workers and anyone concerned about a child.