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S I T E     R E V I E W
April 16, 2000

GRADE LEVEL: 6-12, Advanced, Parents

BodyWise, a part of Girl Power, is designed for young and adult women. The site provides information on nutrition, fitness, body image, eating disorders, and health.

Cute, colorful graphics make this site appealing to the targeted audience.

The main page features entry links to the major sections of the site. There is also a bottom navigation menu on each page.

BodyWise aims to educate women about such issues as body image, good nutrition, physical fitness, and eating disorders. Visitors will find informational articles on learning to respect their bodies and making the most of what they have, understanding and practicing good nutrition, and working toward a healthy body by staying physically fit. One section is devoted to a discussion of common eating disorders, including how to determine if you may have one and where to go for help and treatments. School personnel will appreciate the BodyWise Handbook. It is available for download in its entirety or by chapter in pdf format. The handbook includes information, tips, and resources for dealing with middle school students with eating disorders.