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Brain Pop

Want to add a little pizzazz to your health and science classes or make homework more fun? Brain Pop is a fun interactive site that teaches about health and science through on-line movies, quizzes, and other activities.

The site is crammed full of brightly colored, fun graphic images designed to engage kids.

The site can be slow loading and may not be usable by older computer systems. The site also lacks navigational links, so bookmark the main page and be prepared to use your browser's back button.

Brain Pop features an impressive list of movies on the functions of our body's 12 systems and other science topics. In these short movies, Tim (a serious young man) explains a science topic while his sidekick, Moby (a goofy robot), provides comic relief. While users wait for the movies to load, they may take quizzes on the selected subject. Each section also has additional activities related to the selected subject to explore. Users who register are able to accumulate points for going through the various activities and tasks; when they collect enough points, the registered users become eligible to win prizes. Brain Pop intends to launch an area where teachers can post homework assignments and communicate with parents through e-mail.