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Presidential elections


Inform and motivate students to get involved in the democratic process with Web-based tools and resources. Education World has selected Web sites for grades K-12 that provide non-partisan, age-appropriate information about presidential elections, along with games, lessons, printables, and interactive tools. Check them out! Included: A baker's dozen sites where students can create their own campaign speeches, record their vote, compare opinions on issues, and more.

Scholastic: Election 2016
With timely, relevant, and engaging activities, this site covers each step of the election process from campaigning to life in the White House. Students can meet the candidates and learn about their platforms, keep abreast of campaign news, run their own campaigns, and participate in other interactive lessons and games to deepen their understanding of the U.S. election process.

Election templates
Education World has created easy to edit, complete, and printable templates for your presidential election activities. Templates for upper elementary, middle, and high school students include an Electoral College Map, Electoral vote tally sheet, popular vote tally sheet, candidate position paper, and campaign timeline. Additional resources for this year's election can be found at Primaries, Voting, and Elections, Education World's updated list of various election sites and tools for the classroom!

Time For Kids: Election
Here, students can learn about the lives of both presidential and vice-presidential candidates. They can follow the election process from nomination to election, explore the issues and learn about each candidate's stand on them, read convention reports from Time For Kids' kid reporters.

Project Vote Smart
This non-partisan site provides comprehensive information on candidates for president, Congress, governor, and more, including voting records, campaign finances, interest group ratings, and so on. Helpful for background resources for any high school civics or current affairs classroom, this site's All Presidential Candidates area is one of only a few sites that provides information on all candidates, not just the Democratic and Republican nominees.

National student/parent mock election
This site gives students the chance to have their voices heard; more than 14 million students, parents, and teachers participated in its last three presidential mock elections. Curriculum resources for elementary through high school classrooms, tools and resources for hosting your own Mock Election Day, and results from previous election votes are included.

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Updated 4/04/2016