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Art History

Art History sites offer teachers, students and the general public unique ways of thinking and learning about art and its development through the ages. These sites include animations, photographs, maps, timelines, interactive games and activities. Included: A dozen great sites for exploring art history.

From pre-historic drawings on cave walls to modern artistic eras, man always has expressed his response to life through his art. Art History sites offer visitors the opportunity to explore history by studying the development of art. Many of the featured sites include artifacts from museums around the world, educational resources for the classroom, interactive activities, multimedia presentations, and virtual tours that will help enhance student learning and deepen student understanding of both art and history.

The Cave of Lascaux
The Cave of Lascaux was closed to the public in 1963, but this Web site offers a virtual tour of the Paleolithic wall paintings and major features of the cave. Visitors can learn how perspective was created on the rock surface, the techniques used to interpret the paintings and engravings, materials used by artists of the time, how to date a cave painting, and more.

Exploring Leonardo
This interactive Web site explores Leonardo Da Vinci; his scientific projects and inventions, his artwork, and the time in which he lived. With lessons in science, art, history, and language arts, students can experience the thread of creativity that makes learning and exploring all subjects fun and exciting. The site includes unique lesson plans, as well as areas that encourage students to participate online.

Impressionism: Paintings collected by European Museums explores the major themes of the technique and offers interdisciplinary lesson plans and classroom resources geared to grades 1-8. The guided tour leads visitors on a fun trip through France to learn about the impressionists and their work, and to experience impressionism through beautiful photographs.

National Gallery of Art Kid's Page
The site is filled with beautiful paintings, animations, sounds, and virtual reality pages that give students the opportunity to experience art and some of the stories behind it in a unique format. Users can view the individual paintings, as well as interact with them, enhancing understanding and appreciation of the art.

SmARTkids offers kids and adults new ways of thinking and learning about art. The four main areas of the site each give a different way to think and learn about art. Included are hands-on activities, curriculum integration ideas, tips for parents using the site with their children, and an artwork of the month page featuring art from the museum's collection, focusing questions, and a related activity.


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Updated 10/01/2012