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S I T E     R E V I E W
April, 1998

Inside Art

Inside Art is a sample project of the Educational Web Adventures Web site. Users travel "into" a painting to discuss the artist, motivation, and concepts.

This is a very colorful site. The site includes a graphic depiction of a Van Gogh painting. The text is large and is very easy to read.

This sample project allows users to move forward by clicking on the hypertext sentence. Users can move backwards with their browsers' back button. Users should be aware, that the link to the home page returns viewers to the home page of the host site and not the beginning of the project.

The creators of the Education Web Adventures Web site develop Web sites and create online educational activities for existing sites. The authors of the site have backgrounds in art history and education. Their focus is on enhancing Web sites with tutorials and learning games. The costs and services available are listed on the main page of the site. The "Inside Art" section of the site is a sample project created by the team. Users follow the author as he is drawn into a painting in a museum. The only way to escape is to answer questions about the painting, such as "Who is the artist?" and "What was his intent?" It is a fairly simple and short game that could be used as an interesting lead-in to lessons in art and art history. This is a good way to include the Internet in the classroom.