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The Cave of Lascaux

The Cave of Lascaux was closed to the public in 1963, but the Ministry of Culture in France has created this Web site for virtual touring.

One of the cave's wall paintings, set on a black background, is featured on the main page. The font resembles what may be handwriting on the wall.

The three main sections of the site can be accessed from the front-page image map. There is also a handy site map for finding your way around quickly.

Take a virtual tour of the Cave of Lascaux and see the Paleolithic wall paintings as well as the major features of the cave. Art students can learn how perspective was created on the rock surface, techniques used to interpret the paintings and engravings, the materials used by artists of the time, how to date a cave painting, and more. The Cave of Lascaux is believed to be around 15,000 years old and can be compared to other caves in the Magdalenien era as well as other eras in the Time and Space section. This Web site is available in English, French, Spanish, and German. There is even a Test Your Knowledge quiz and three puzzles for a little added interactivity.