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EducationWorld's Weekly Education Headlines 2022

What's working in education? Check out Education World newsletter articles from 2022 with great tips & best practices to help you in the classroom!

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Key Elements of Mastery-Based Lesson Plans

The Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made in My Teaching Career

125 Report Card Comments

Maus to Mockingbird: The Reality of Banned Books in School

How Basic Math Principles Can Help Students Understand Grammar

Starting a Class Museum with Student-Designed Exhibits

Everyday Manipulatives to Use in Your Math Room

Beyond Popularity: Lessons to Teach Through Student Council Elections

Handling Sensitive Language and Material in the Classroom

Is Mastery-Based Grading Better For Students Than Traditional Grades

Dealing With Undue Criticism

Is Project-Based Learning Taking Over the Classroom

Teaching Overseas - Adventure Out There. How My Journey Began and What I have Learned

How Augmented and Virtual Reality Can Improve the Classroom

How to Deal With Parents Backseat Teaching

Breaking Down Centers for Play and Learning

A Great Start to the Day

50 "Needs Improvement" Report Card Comments for Social, Emotional, Learning

Simple Strategies: What Can I do to Help My Students?

Types of Play and How they Help Children Develop

What Children Need and Want

How Nanolearning Could Affect The Future of Education

Nine Resolutions Educators Need to Keep in 2022

How to Use Economy Reward Systems to Teach Financial Responsibility

The Reason Why Not Every Teacher Wants to Make the Move to Administration

3 Ways to Help Bullying Survivors Succeed in the Classroom

Using Social Stories is Beneficial for All Students

Early Childhood Environments: Why Use DAP and How to Overcome Obstacles

5 Things to Include in Your Teaching Portfolio

Tips to Get a Low-Interest Reader Fully Engaged

5 Ways to Use Parents More in Your Classroom

ReReading is Not Studying: 5 Effective Study Techniques

Burnt Out? How You Can Bring Change to Your School District

5 Ways to Reenergize Students After Summer Break

10 of the Best School Spirit Day Ideas

5 Ways to Incorporate Imaginative Play in Your Classroom

5 Ways to Use Lego in the Classroom

5 Ways to Teach Students About Plagiarism

7 Brain Breaks for High School Students

10 Must-Have Classroom Items for a New Teacher

Health Protocols to Keep Post-Covid

10 Ways to Get Your Students’ Attention Without Yelling

5 Best Free Museum Tours for History

Hands-on Learning Project Ideas for STEAM

Recognizing Signs of Abuse in Students and How You Can Help

6 Fun Activities that Grow Vocabulary

Fun Ways to Greet Your Elementary School Students

How School Administration Can Help Lower Barriers to Higher Education

10 Brain Break Videos to Share With Your Class

How to Use Ability Grouping Without Damaging Self-Esteem

Court is Adjourned: Mock Trials to Teach Multiple Subjects

The Reasons We Cheat: Teaching Integrity in Education

Is Playing Still an Important Part of Learning in Older Kids?

Connecting with Kiev: Helping Students Process Russia-Ukraine War

Visual Learning: Creative Ways to Integrate Art into Lesson Plans

5 Podcasts Episodes Every Middle School Teacher Needs to Hear

How STEAM is Improving Student Problem Solving Skills

How to Support Students With Trauma-Informed Practices

10 Tips to Keep Teaching Fun For You And Your Students

Will Experiential Learning Increase Student Participation

Maintaining Focus When Learning Goes From In-Person to Virtual

How Introducing a Genius Hour Can Help Kids Thrive

Feeling Mentally Balanced When There is a Teaching Shortage

How to Teach Students While Increasing Their Social Networks

5 Ways to Handle Difficult Students in a Virtual Class

Giving Students Brain Breaks Can Help Their Mental Health

How to Stay Successful: Six Qualities All Great Teachers Have

Ten Writing Prompts for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Classroom CSI: Fun Forensics Activities that Use Common Core Principles

35 Must-Do Winter Break Ideas for Teachers

The Unstoppable Power of Collaboration

3 Reasons You Should Hold Class Outdoors

The Science of Gratitude

Declutter Your Classroom in These 5 Easy Steps

Questioning Strategies for Classroom Use

10 Ways to Help Your High Achieving Students Find Their Passion

The Little Things: 10 Small Habits That Make a Big Difference

5 Ways to Build Trust with Your Students

The Dos and Don'ts of Differentiation

Recognizing Burnout of High Achieving Students

Back to School Night Tips

Why Behavior-Based Grading Backfires

The Significance of Teacher Shortages

Children Are Not Blank Slates or Empty Vessels

Teacher Nutrition 101: Prepping for the Day

Paying it Forward: How to Help New Teachers

New Teacher Series Part 3: A "Lucky 13" List of Things to Remember

New Teacher Series Part 2: Classroom Management Tips & Tricks

New Teacher Series Part 1: To-Do List

Summer Reading: Yes or No

Changing Schools: Six Questions to Ask

The 5 W's of Effective Feedback

The Rise of Hover-Free Teaching: Creating a Student-Driven Classroom

Summer School 101: 4 Important Tips

Blended Learning 101 - What, Why and How

No More Brain Drain: 4 Summer Tips for Parents

What We Wish Our Principals Understood

Going Gradeless: What it Really Means

Assessment Downtime: What to Do Before and After Mandated Testing

Everything Teachers Need to Know About Feedback

Building Trust: Student-Centered Strategies That Work

Asking Questions: The Best Way to Open Student Discourse

What to Do When Students Face Science Denial at Home

Habit Stacking: Four Steps to Student-Centered Learning

The Future of Education

Be Prepared: How to Plan Ahead, No Matter What

Growth Mindset: Refresher and Resources

The Covid Lull: Seven Things to Do Right Now

The Rundown: Education News Recap

Four Considerations for Book Selection or Rejection

Elevating Electives: Why They Matter So Much

Why Stay: Questions Teachers Need to Ask Themselves

Leading Meetings 101: Ending the Vicious Cycle

Snow Day Learning: Lesson Ideas for Any Setting

Parents, Teachers and Omicron - Collaborating for Change

The Hard Truth - 24 Teacher Thoughts

Must-Know Zoom Teaching Hacks for Quarantine Days

6 Principles of Digital Citizenship to Teach in Elementary School

What People Need to Hear About 2021

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