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EducationWorld's Weekly Education Headlines 2021

What's working in education? Check out our 2021 articles featured in our Education World weekly newsletter with great tips & best practices to help you in the classroom!

education headlines

Five Things Kids Should Know About Their Brains

Five Things We Should Learn (and Teach) About the Facebook Debacle

Supreme Court Ruling Will Change Union Landscape…But for the Better?

Debunking Education Memes, Part Two

Debunking Education Memes, Part One

Tips for Managing Your High-Needs Classroom

Teacher Instagram Posts You Will Never See IRL

Five Popular TV Educators That Should Never Have Been Allowed in the Classroom

#teacherlife Embodies What It’s Like to be a Teacher in 2018

Revisiting Tracking

“It’s Just My Opinion” and the Burden of Proof

The “Tech Baroque” and Our Kids

A Career Without A Union

Aligning Goals, Objectives and Standards in Lesson Plans

A Teacher’s Pump-Up Playlist to Get You Through Your Day

Get Started with a Digital Teaching Portfolio

Get Started with a Digital Teaching Portfolio

The Role of Parents in Schools

Thankful for Books: Teaching Students About Censorship

Three Weeks to Break: 7 Ways to Maintain Engagement

Including Character Education in your Day-to-Day Curriculum

5 Ways to Teach Respect to Middle School Students

7 Ways to Help Students Develop a Growth Mindset

Classroom Hacks for Burned Out Middle School Teachers

What To Do When Students Lack Self-Confidence

How to Resist Toxic Positivity

Ways Your Class Can Help Refugee Students

Curriculum Acceleration: Planning the Next 5 Years

How School Stimulus Aid Can Support Accelerated Learning

Mindset Makeover - Lighten Your Load

Honoring Indigenous Peoples in Your Lessons on Culture and Heritage

Staying Healthy: To-Do Checklist for Teachers

Red Tape: Dealing with a Difficult Administration

Core Principles of Accelerated Learning in 2021

Team Leadership: Building a Collaborative Learning Environment

When to Quit - Teacher Life in 2021

Tik Tok Teaching Hacks for Middle School Classrooms

20 Things Only Teachers Really Understand

Using Canva to Design Your Lesson Plan Templates

How Teacher Support can Help Bridge the STEM Gender Gap

How to Be Absent: Managing a Substitute Shortage

Unfinished Business: Alternative Strategies for Remedial Learning

How Physical Education Teachers are Bringing Technology to the Gym

Four Simple Ways School Leaders Can Increase Teacher Wellness

Top 10 Podcasts to Include in Homework Assignments

Work Together: The Pros and Cons of Peer Tutoring

Classroom Observations

Three Key Ways to Beat Decision Fatigue

Keeping Your Class on a Continuous Improvement Cycle

Hello, Autumn! Four Cool Ways to Celebrate the Season

How to Handle Grieving Students

Facing the Truth About Student Homelessness

Culturally Proficient Considerations for Religious Students

6 Ways to Support Your Gifted and Talented Students

10 Best Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Taming the Beast: Three Key Time Management Strategies

Middle School Ice Breakers Students Won't Hate

Are Traditional Grade Levels Going Out of Style?

Keeping Classrooms Safe Amid Delta: Three Ways to Cope

Designing Formal Professional Development Activities: The Role of the School Leader

The One Thing Teachers Cannot Do (And What to Do Instead)

How to Plan for Recovery (Part 3 of 3)

How to Plan for Recovery (Part 2 of 3)

How to Plan for Recovery from the Pandemic (Part 1 of 3)

Four Essential Components ALL Classes Need to Function Well

Detoxifying Teaching: How to Stay Positive

How Covid is Affecting School Enrollment

Leading by Example: Six Traits of Effective School Leaders

Can This New Digital Literacy Wave Impact the Classroom?

Four Comments Teacher Haters Make (And How to Shut Them Down)

Covid's Affect on Student Learning Success Rates

Will Covid Kindergarteners Have a Disadvantage?

Saying No to Summer Reading

Extreme Test Makeover: Assessment Overhauls

Digital and Media Literacy: How Am I Investing My Time?

Summer School Survival: Six Tips and Tricks

Getting Answers: Seven Questions All Teachers Have

10 Ways to Keep Learning Going This Summer

9 Must-Do Tips for Managing Burnout

5 Things Distance Learners Won't Know in the Classroom

The Future of Virtual Learning

Why Back to School and Back to Normal Are Not the Same Thing

Data That Matters: Pandemic Recovery Ideas

Springtime Slump: We Can Do It!

Digital Skills Teachers Are Learning Through Covid

13 Outdoor Class Activities for Anyone, Anytime

Teaching Accountability Through Distance Learning

Teacher's Lounge: "I'm Over This Whole Online Instruction Thing"

Three Reasons Tracking Kids is Wrong (And How to Start Making a Change)

Thematic Units - A Highly Effective Way to Engage Learners

Four Important Strategies for Applying a Growth Mindset Approach

Aligning Goals, Objectives and Standards in Lesson Plans

Motivation and Habits: Three Steps to Building Student Agency

Top 5 Activities for More Effective Distance Learning

Empowering Readers: A Quick How-To

Creating Virtual Activities that can Improve Student Mental Health

Tips for Training Kids to Focus in Virtual Classrooms

Springtime Slump: We Can Do It!

Just Keep Swimming! Four Vital Teaching Practices

Tips to Help Families Adjust to Virtual Learning as a New Normal

How to Make Virtual Learning Feel More Like a Classroom

Oops! Four Common Teaching Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

5 Tips to Help Parents Improve Their Child's Workspace

Best Practices for Teaching Distance Learners

Mitigation Strategies for Learning Disruption in Literacy

Why Distance Learning is Changing the Way You Grade

Tips to Help Families Adjust to Virtual Learning as a New Normal

Four Simple Ways to Conduct a Self-Evaluation

How to Help Virtual Learning Students With ADHD

7 Tips For Keeping Your Students Engaged in Virtual Learning

Teacher's Lounge - Advice for Instruction: Virtual But Not

Best Practices for Creating the Fun Virtual Learning Environments

Tips For Getting Parents Engaged in Distance Learning

6 Steps to Make The Most of Virtual Learning in K-12

How to Stay Successful: Six Qualities All Great Teachers Have

Supporting Hybrid Model Students With Special Needs

How to Make Hybrid Learning Easier on Middle School Students

4 Tips For Giving Rigorous Math Feedback During Remote Learning

First Day of School, Again: How to Keep Starting Over

Why Objectives Matter: Strategies for Creating Clear Learning Goals

Best Equipment for Virtual Teaching in 2021

Best Practices to Make Distance Learning Easier for Kids

Why Art and Design Is Just As Important as Science and Math

Teacher's Lounge - Advice for Virtual Instruction: No Comfort Zone

Best Practices to Avoid Anxiety as a Virtual Instructor

How to Make Activities to Engage Your Students in a Virtual Meeting

10 Ways to Give Real-World Experience to High School Students with Virtual Learning

Random Calling Strategies That Work Anywhere

Organization for Teens Learning Remotely

Keeping the Good Stuff - Strategies for Translating Virtual Instruction into Buildings

When Does Language Start?

Teacher's Lounge - Advice for Virtual Instruction: Frustrated Pro

Building a Cheat Sheet for Your Child’s Online Schooling

Stepping into 2021 - Tips for Transitioning

How to Mitigate Those Mid-Year Crankies

Your Nine Secret Favorite Coworkers

A Teacher’s Pump-Up Playlist to Get You Through Your Day

3 Reusable Student-Focused Classroom Activities

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