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10 Best Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Remote teaching is here to stay, so why not spice up your Zoom or Google Meet lessons with a few new and innovative Chrome extensions? After all, they're easy to use and designed for convenience.

If you're not already using extensions to make online teaching more interactive and effective, then head over to Chrome Web Store and add some of these exceptional teacher-friendly ones from the article below.

While new extensions are being created all the time, here are a couple of our favorites.

1. Share to Classroom

If you're using Google Classroom regularly, this extension is a must-have if you're looking to improve your workflow. It allows you to share web pages with your students instantly so that everybody is on the right page all the time.

You can create assignments or announcements and post them in your classroom and have the ability to adjust due dates, determine who can see it and who can edit it, or create a copy for each student. Plus, you can share documents directly to your classroom without needing to sign in to Google Classroom.

2. Insert Learning

This extension, created by two high school teachers, basically turns any website into an interactive online lesson. You can add sticky note annotations, imbed video URLs, add quizzes, and so much more. The toolbar consists of various interactivity tools such as an assign button, highlight and sticky note buttons, and question, discussion, dashboard, and feedback button. There's a free trial of Insert Learning available, as well as a paid version.

3. Tactiq

This extension is for you if you want a tool that automatically transcribes and saves the captions generated in Google Meet. This is great for turning any discussion into written notes and will save you loads of time. At the end of the lesson, you simply save the captions as a text file and you're good to go. This extension can also be used by students who want to save a transcription of any given lesson.

4. GoFullPage

Snipping tools are your friend, but now you don't have to settle for awkward screen cuts. This extension allows you to reliably capture an entire webpage as a snapshot, and this could be life-changing. Once you've captured the relevant page, it will open in a new tab as a JPEG or PNG image which you can then download as a pdf.

The advanced screen capture technology makes printing complicated online pages effortless. The new premium editor now lets you crop, annotate, and add your favorite emojis to any screenshot.

5. Loom for Chrome

If you aren't already creating amazing presentations, you will be with this extension. Loom is an easy-to-use screen recording program that makes recording and editing your presentations hassle-free.

Loom's drawing tool lets you annotate your recording, which is incredibly helpful if you don't have time to include everything you want to say. But this feature is only available on the desktop version.

Once your presentation is complete, simply copy and paste the video URL to share by email or on any other platform. Plus, you can make your own personalized 3D avatar. Visit the Loom for Education page to sign up for free but keep in mind that verification may take a couple of days.

6. Smallpdf

This extension enables you to convert files from one type to another. This means that the program allows you to edit pdfs that are currently not editable by letting you convert them into a word document. You will then be able to delete or add to this document however you see fit. You can also convert a document on word, excel, PPT or JPEG to pdf.

The ease of the whole operation will put an end to the frustrating tech issues of the past. Features are limited daily in the free version, so plan accordingly.

7. Custom Cursor

This fun extension provides you with a wonderful selection of funky or stylish cursors for you to choose from when teaching online. This is a creative way to keep your students interested and to direct their attention to wherever it's needed on the screen. Don't underestimate the power of a quirky cursor. Students young and old will love it and so will you.

8. Pocket

If you're tired of constantly emailing links to yourself, this extension is a game-changer. Pocket is an article reader app that lets you save articles, videos, and websites so that you can revisit them later. When you want to find your saved items, all you need to do is log into Pocket, and everything will be there, stored in one place.

This is a great resource for keeping track of materials you want to use in future lessons and never losing links ever again.

9. Tab Resize

This extension splits your browser windows into two with just two clicks and lets you adjust the tab sizes. The best part is that it gives you loads of versatility for screen splitting layouts. This is perfect for giving presentations online while still being able to see your students' faces or when you want to bring up multiple tabs at once without needing to switch from one to the other. It's an elegant solution for klutzy transitions. 

10. Mote: voice notes and feedback

This is a great extension for adding voice comments to your documents. Mote works a little differently than other extensions. Its comment feature is similar to the comments feature on Google Docs, Google Classroom, Slides, and Sheets. This makes it easy to use and makes leaving audio comments a convenient way for giving feedback to students. 

The premium version has other great features like transcription and translation tools, but the free version is worth it just for the sake of convenience.    

Wrapping Up

Easy online teaching and lesson planning may just be a simple Chrome extension away. Any of these extensions will be a great asset to your exiting arsenal of tools, but don't overload your browser! Only take what you need.


Written by Jessica Holdsworth

Education World Contributor

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