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#teacherlife Embodies What It’s Like to Be A Teacher in 2018

Maybe it’s the emergence of spring. Maybe it’s that the finish line seems within arm’s length, yet wholly out of reach. But this month, the hashtag #teacherlife has had a huge uptick in the Twittersphere, showing the world the all-too-real tragic comedy of being a facilitator of learning in our modern-day public school systems. Some of them are just funny; some of them will make you laugh just to avoid crying. Check out some of our favorites below:

1. I mean, we can TRY to run...


2. 57%...58%...Almost therrrrrrrrre...


3. They say patience is a virtue.


4. This is fine. Everything is fine.


5. Just...don't...move anything...ever.


6. NEVER take a day off.


7. "Why do we have to DO stuff?!"


8. Coffee will fix it. All of the coffee.


9. How is this lit day, fellow students?!


10. If you'll watch mine.


11. Billy didn't care about you.


12. When eyes are on you, eight hours a day...


13. Bad news: we're out of paper and toner!


14. ET needs to go back home.


15. What is "sunshine" like?


Written and compiled by Keith Lambert, Education World Associate Contributing Editor

Lambert is an English / Language Arts teacher in Connecticut.