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10 Must-Have Classroom Items for a New Teacher

As a new teacher, you will most likely have an empty classroom when you start. It's important to have an environment in which your students feel comfortable and safe. To create this environment, you will need some essential items. 

1. 10-Drawer Organizer Cart

A 10-drawer organizer cart is an essential item for every new teacher. The organizer cart is customized with bright labels to suit you and your students' needs. It also occupies very minimal classroom space, which is more convenient as a new teacher because you want to maximize classroom space.

You can create weekday labels to hold assignments, activities, copies of assignments, teaching subjects, etc. The organizer cart will assist you in organizing your work and files easily to avoid confusion. 

2. Reading Comprehension Cubes

Reading comprehension cubes can be a helpful teaching resource for new teachers. The cubes are six-sided and assist students in analyzing a story or concept taught in class. Each side of the cube contains a word related to comprehension. For instance, who is the author? Where does the story take place? What is the story about? How did the characters solve problems? 

The questions are meant to jog the students' memory and assist them in comprehending what they have learned after reading a story. Students can use the cubes individually or in a group. For example, when students use the cube individually, they will roll it when responding to the questions. In a group, students can either take turns answering questions or discuss each question as a group.

3. An Extra Clock or a Timer

An extra clock (preferably an analog clock) will assist a new teacher in tracking time when in different locations in the classroom. 

A timer is also essential for the new teacher to manage time spent on activities, assignments, and lessons. It will help you stay focused on the goal of the lesson or activity and help motivate students to focus on the activity or assignment. 

4. Whiteboard Markers

You can use whiteboard markers for many activities that make learning more hands-on and fun. You can use them for writing on:

  • Hand-held whiteboards
  • Erasable board games
  • Dry-erase Pictionary when practicing new word vocabulary
  • Reusable workbooks
  • Dry-erase clocks for teaching students how to read the time

5. Pens and Pencils

As a new teacher, you will need an ample supply of extra pens and pencils for students. Giving students individualized pens and pencils can boost their self-esteem and ensure they can participate in class if they're missing supplies. Personalizing the pencils and pens with motivational sayings can also make them more fun for students. 

6. Teacher Name Stamp

A teacher name stamp can add a little pizazz to your day and make receiving feedback more fun and exciting for students. They can also help you save time previously spent writing your name or comments when grading.

Stamps also last a long time, so you can save time and money that could've been spent on stickers. There are a few self-inking stamps, such as ones with your name and the statement "property of," or stamps with positive comments like "Great job!"

7. Student Grouping Pencils

Student grouping pencils come in a set of 36. The pencils are durable and have enough space to write a student's name. They are helpful for randomly placing students in groups for assignments, games, or projects. Students can be grouped depending on the shape, color, and number of the pencil, providing a simple way to create groups.

8. Colored Duct Tape

When handling any project, colored duct tape can help decorate and add color to the classroom. You can use the colored duct tape for:

  • Hanging pictures or work
  • Labeling
  • Decorating the board
  • Duct tape crafts

9. Name Tag

Name tags are especially helpful when students first get to know you and their classmates. In addition to writing names on the name tags, you can have each student write a fact about themself. 

10. Rewards for Students

Rewards can be another great way to help motivate students to work hard. You can give rewards for finishing assignments, completing class projects, and well-behaved students, for example. Rewards might include stickers, extra free time, homework passes, or sitting wherever they'd like to do class work in the classroom.

Final Thought

When looking to amp up your new classroom, look for items that will serve more than one purpose and that you can use for many years.

Written by Roselyn Kati
Education World Contributor
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