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10 of the Best School Spirit Day Ideas

Many students and teachers take part in something really exciting: Spirit Days! In most US schools, Spirit Days have gradually become a time-honored tradition. And the inspiring idea is pretty simple: Spirit Days help to boost the student's morale by giving them what some describe (humorously) as "a collective silly goal!"

Especially in high school, teachers usually have various grades (Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors) competing for Spirit Day domination. At the end of the week, the excelling class may win a coveted Spirit Award.

So, what's our pick for ten of the best school spirit day ideas.

1. Superhero Day

A simple and popular theme is Superhero Day. We all have access to the basis of a superhero costume. A cape! We know Edna Mode said no capes, but tying a bath towel around your neck can instantly make you a superhero. Add some rubber gloves, and boom, you're a superhero.

And if younger students have a superhero Halloween costume- all the better, let them wear it!

2. Beach Day

Beach Day is yet another fun and simple idea that any school can adopt. Tell your students to dress up for a day at the beach; think along the lines of Hawaiian shirts, visors, and sunglasses with- perhaps- some SPF on the nose. High school students may take it to the next step and bring beach chairs and balls to use during their lunch period.

An important reminder, let your students know the dress code still applies on Spirit Days. You don't want someone getting summoned to the office for wearing revealing swimwear- such embarrassment on a fun day!

3. Sports Day

Here comes another super inclusive Spirit Day option- Sports Day! If your school has sports teams, those students can wear their related gear, but other students can dress like basketball players, gymnasts, ice skaters, or cross country runners.

You could even host fun Olympic-type games during lunch to crank your Spirit Day up a notch. 

4. Decades Day

Decades Day is a classic idea as it invites students to select any decade (like the 1970s and 80s) and dress up accordingly. During the students' passing period, you could play hits from various decades, starting in the 50s and ending with the beloved Harry Styles.

5. Ugly Sweater Day

Ugly sweaters are for more than holiday parties; they work nicely for a Spirit Day too. It especially works well in cold weather where other ideas (like Beach Day) may not be so cool (after all!)

Unfortunately, this one may need a dress code reminder, as some ugly sweaters can include profanity and other unsavory topics.

6. Movie Madness Day

We each have our favorite movie or tv series, students included. Well, Movie Madness Day gives your students a perfect chance to be their movie heroes for the day. For example, students could dress up as Indiana Jones, Maverick, or a Jurassic Park dinosaur. 

7. Pajama Day

Pajama Day’s a favorite elementary school Spirit Day idea. In fact, Pajama Day’s probably the easiest Spirit Day assignment any student body could think of. The students merely have to wake up and roll out on their way to school. Parents appreciate this one too!

8. Mismatch Day

The idea behind this Spirit Day theme is simple; mix and match any clothing. Go wacky wearing snow pants with a sombrero or mismatched socks. Students can take it upon themselves to go all the way or just offer an ode to their Spirit Day ensemble.

9. Tourist Day

Tourist Day may feel similar to Beach Day, filled with tacky, loud shirts, but they do differ. Encourage students to don a fanny pack, binoculars, and an obscenely large map. Or you may see super Disney fans decked out in Mickey ears and an all-Disney outfit.

10. Anything but a Backpack Day

This particular Spirit Day has found immense popularity online. The rule is simple; you cannot bring a backpack to school. Some students arrived with a suitcase full of textbooks, a boat they dragged down the school hall, and even a shopping cart filled with their daily items. 

Final Thoughts

The most important part of any school Spirit Day is to involve the student body in the spirit of friendship. Working to create the best looks with friends while seeing your teacher dressed as Queen Elsa can make a day at school even more special. And let's be honest, the yearbook photos will be stellar.

Written by John O. Ndar
Education World Contributor
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