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Why Encouraging Your Admin to Visit Your Classroom is Important for You and Your Students

Your administrator gets a better idea of how you teach and how the students learn by conducting classroom visits. When an admin enters your class while teaching, they can observe your teaching style and your student's behavior which will be important for you and your students moving forward.

You can encourage your admin to visit your classroom so you can have another perspective to evaluate what is effective teaching and what is not. By visiting your classroom, the admin can support you and your students, see opportunities and challenges, see potential in you and your students, encourage you to grow, and build your confidence in your abilities as a teacher.

Admin Can Offer Support

The admin will show that they care about what you are doing and the students' environment. Their role is to nurture you as an educator in the school. When an admin makes you feel your worth, they make a positive difference in your teaching and help you have a sense of joy and purpose. The admin can nurture you by:

  • Emailing you after the class about how your teaching was
  • Discussing improvements, you can make
  • Writing a note to motivate you and identify the difference you are making to the students
  • Asking what your concerns and needs are 
  • Giving you ideas on how to teach students
  • Providing you with a big picture of the school's mission 

The administration knows the importance of allowing teachers space to discuss what matters to them in teaching; this is your time to be heard and supported in a non-threatening environment.

Admin Can Understand Opportunities and Challenges

Teachers have various opportunities and challenges in the classroom that the administration may not understand by just word of mouth. Visiting your classroom will allow them to see firsthand what you are experiencing. Teachers will then receive feedback that will empower and motivate them. 

Some examples of challenges or feedback might include:

  • The admin will see the need and importance of team-building activities outside the school to reenergize and refuel both teachers and students.
  • The admin can advise on time management or guide you on how to cover what's on the syllabus using the allocated time.
  • The admin can see the students need more library time and allocate extra time.
  • The admin can see your attitude and behavior towards the students and correct you if necessary.
  • The admin can see challenges with congestion in the classroom and inadequate classroom facilities.
  • The admin can spot students to offer sponsorship and those who learn at a slower pace and need more time to understand concepts.
  • The admin can build existing skills and knowledge of the learners by monitoring learners' progress in class.
  • The admin can acknowledge and encourage different cultures in the school to attend your lesson.

Admin Can Build Your Confidence

Working alone can feel isolating and discouraging at times. As a result, you may think negatively about your abilities and the difference you are making. However, when an administrator visits your class and recognizes your work, you can have increased confidence and believe in yourself.

  • The school admin can share positive feedback to build your confidence in class.
  • The school admin can facilitate mentorship programs that support the teacher's needs.
  • After attending your classroom when teaching, a school admin will learn to appreciate your work.
  • After an admin assesses your work, they can know your capabilities and offer you a leadership position in the school.
  • After attending your class, when teaching, the school admin can set realistic expectations from the students who will build their confidence.
  • The school admin can learn not to compare one student to another and learn how to appreciate each learner's uniqueness.
  • The school admin will positively approach the learners by showing them they are worth his time and attention.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes all an administrator needs to do is pop their head in your classroom for you to feel seen and appreciated. While formal observations are essential, being visible in the classroom shows students the administration cares about their education. It also shows teachers that they are valuable members of the school community; without teachers, their job would be much harder.

Invite your administration to your classroom during a fun lesson or student presentation, get them involved in the lesson, and show your students that the admin is on your side and theirs.

Written by Roselyn Kati
Education World Contributor
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