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Math FunMath Fun! (Volume 2)

Math class doesnt have to be stay-in-your-seat quiet. Kids will love practicing their computation skills with these six activities -- in which the emphasis is on the "active." In fact, they'll beg to do them again and again! Included: Activities that involve dice, playing cards, candy, and cameras!

Looking for ways to break up a bad case of math monotony? Just finish a big unit and want to give students a well-deserved break? Looking to give kids some ideas for constructive activities for indoor recess? You've come to the right place!


This week, Education World provides six new lessons that emphasize math fun. These active-ities will provide hours of practice in basic math computation. Click each of the six lesson headlines below for a complete teaching resource. (Appropriate grade levels for each lesson appears in parentheses.)

Math Lessons from the
Ed World Archive

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Math Madness: A Game for Small Groups
Adapt this active game for any math skill you might be teaching! (Grades K-12)

Candy Colors: Figuring the Mean, Median, and Mode
Students count candy by color and then calculate mean, median, and mode. Work sheet included. (Grades 4-12)

On a Roll: A Math Game for Reinforcing Computation Skills
This dice-and-math game provides practice in a wide variety of math skills at all levels. (Grades K-12)

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who Needs Math in Life at All?
A fun bulletin board display helps students explore the ways they use math in their daily lives. (Grades Pre K-12)

"Photograph Math" Word Problems
Word problems come to life when kids write their own problems and stage photos that illustrate them. (Grades 2-12)

"Mind Reader" Math Trick
Encourage kids to use this math-based card trick to convince their friends they can read minds! (Grades 3-12)