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Just the Facts: Games for Teaching Math Facts

Practice! Practice! Practice! That's how most students learn their addition facts or times tables. Rote drill is a popular and proven tool for learning math facts. But it's OK to lighten up and add some fun to math-facts learning. Included: Five games to engage students as they learn math facts.

kids playing math games

Just as understanding letter sounds is fundamental to the ability to read, so is knowing math facts the foundation to future math learning. That's why teachers in the primary and elementary grades spend so much time practicing and memorizing and drilling and timing students in basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Accuracy and speed are the goals. Work sheets and timed tests and games -- yes, games! -- are often the tools.

Games -- relay races, card games, and computer games -- actively engage students as they reduce stress and make learning fun. Education World offers you...

Five Games to Engage Students

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Math Facts Race
This fun math race reinforces math in a very visual way. (Grades K-5)

Math Facts War
Adapt a traditional card game to practice math. (Grades K-8)

Saved By the Bell
This fast-paced team game is a fun way to practice math. (Grades K-8)

Multiplication BINGO
Adapt the BINGO game to reinforce multiplication table skills. (Grades 3-8)

Online Math Facts Games
Online math-facts games for friendly classroom competition and at-home practice. (Grades K-8)


Additional Resources

Don't miss a page full of additional resources including more lesson plans and more than a dozen interactive online games that will engage students as they learn math.