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Race For Math



  • Mathematics


  • K-2
  • 3-5

Brief Description

A fun math race reinforces math facts in a very visual way.


Students will

  • reinforce math-facts knowledge and understanding.
  • contribute to a team effort.
  • carefully observe the actions of all team members.


math facts, race, game, addition, subtraction, multiplication, addition facts, subtraction facts, multiplication facts, times tables, multiplication tables

Materials Needed

  • chart paper
  • markers or crayons

Lesson Plan

Before the Lesson
Create on the board or on chart paper a grid numbered across 1 to 9 and down 1 to 9. The grid's squares should be large enough for students to write a readable number in.

The Race
Arrange the class into two or more teams and provide each team with a grid sheet. Decide whether you want students to practice addition, subtraction, or multiplication facts in this game of speed. When the chart is set, say "Go!" One person on each team races to the board and fills in any square on the math facts grid. For example, if you are reinforcing addition facts, the student writes the number 6 in the square at which the 4 column and the 2 row meet (4 + 2 = 6).

Emphasize that it is important for all members of a team to watch what their teammates write. If any student on either team sees a mistake made by a teammate during the game, he or she can use his/her turn to correct that error.

If you make this a "quiet game," it will hold down the "ooooo's" that are sure to signal an error, and also further emphasize the importance of team members paying close attention to one another.

The first team to fill in all the squares on their grid is the winning team if all the answers on their chart are correct.

Extend the Lesson
Use the completed charts to reinforce the concepts being taught. For example, if you use this game to reinforce multiplication facts, you might emphasize how the charts show the pattern made by the 5 tables or 7 tables.


The first team to fill in all the squares on their grid wins -- if every answer on their chart is correct.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Gary Hopkins

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